Handmade Chocolate Piñatas


LA SmashCakes® is home to the original chocolate Piñata SmashCake! Hand and custom made for every occasion!
Our LA SmashCakes® are made out of gourmet chocolate and filled with candy, that you get to Smash!
So make your next cake a SMASH with LA SmashCakes®.

Let the fun begin!!

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About LA Smashcakes®

LA smashcakes® has been the talk of the town, and we feel honored to have delivered many cakes to an array of celebrities, top brand companies,TV shows and many more!

We can create any SmashCake from soda bottles, donuts, cupcakes to themed SmashCakes. As well as incorporating corporate brands or products into our creations.

Each SmashCake is unique, personalised and hand made, allowing us to use the freedom of creativity and design at its best.

In today’s challenging times our goal here at LA Smashcakes® is to ensure that our clients and customers events or birthdays are filled with laughter, smiles and of course chocolate!

Let us help create your custom LA SmashCakes® today!
We will make your dream cake a SMASH!

Smashing a Smashcake!

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We are not taking LA Orders at this time, But We will Be SMASHING It Up In Florida Soon!