About us

Hello! I’m Jenny!

A single mom who loves chocolate! Proper! I cannot function without it!

I started LA SmashCakes®️ playing around in my kitchen, and after some time (quite a lot actually 😊), I finally got it!
I could make any chocolate piñata!

With my past experience in clothing and jewelry design, I knew I could take this to the next level!

And I did!

LA SmashCakes®️ has been featured on Good Morning America, ABC, Fox, Rachael Ray, KTLA5 and People Magazine to name just a few.

I hope to create a smashing LA SmashCake for you!

Love, Jenny x

Hello! I’m Lisa!

Im the Director of PR and Marketing for LA SmashCakes®️!

I am not only an animal lover, but of course chocolate as well!
My passion is making people smile, customer service and of course my smashing family!

Making dreams come true and magic happen with our awesome customers ideas and bringing them to life, is the best part of every day!

I love bringing sweetness and fun to every event!

Love, Lisa x

Our all women team


Owner and Creator


Director of PR & Marketing

LA Smashcakes®️ has created many unique and mind-blowing creations, all made from chocolate, but not just any chocolate… gourmet chocolate which literally melts in your mouth!

Our smashcakes are loaded with gummies M&M’s, skittles and more!
Our clients all receive a mallet to smash the cake which always guarantees a smashing time!

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LA SmashCakes
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We are not taking LA Orders at this time, But We will Be SMASHING It Up In Florida Soon!